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OVAHA Board Meeting Minutes
Sunday February 03, 2008
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Time & Place
OVAHA Meeting Minutes – Board Meeting Feb 3, 2008

12:15 the meeting was called to order at Hickory River Smokehouse BBQ, Tipp City

Pledged Allegiance to the flag and Sherrie read over the club Purpose.  Minutes from December meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer reported that we received “Thank yous” from Children Medical and Dayton Hospice.  Both tack sales have been paid, ribbons have been ordered.  Sherrie asked about losses in any one area – postage is up, insurance is up, Sizzler lost appx $2,800.  Quotes for insurance for event Tammy Hawkeye will do.

Louise stated that expenses for the Sizzler were about the same, the income was down.  The Community Show basically paid for itself.

Sherrie asked about any big outlays.

As of 31 July the Treasury was $2-$3 thousand.  Sherrie stated we need to look at the budge and fund raisers.  Tammy asked about e-mail and posting vs. e-mail.  Suzy said maybe e-mail to all those who have e-mail and those who don’t will just mail those.  Linda said she’d give items Larry and Shirley.

Debbie suggested doing a series of community shows.  Linda pointed out every week in summer has something going on.  Debbie said think outside the box – maybe hold some at training facilities. 

Sherrie mentioned need for file of the Treasury Report for audit.

Sherri Nowak advised down 17% in youth.  Talked to Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts about earning horse/equine merit badges.

Fund raiser for Community Show will be the BBQ party and a “Meet the Trainer”.  Have two trainers already, one of them is Siemon.

Debbie talked about contract for GS.

Suzy mentioned going up through a breed and series such as Pony Club.  Linda still wants to go the library route.

Tammy talked about High Point and wanting to change the way we do.  She looked at point system and didn’t understand how a Regional or National win weren’t worth more point.  Suzy explained that someone showing at the National level vs. someone at showing at just the local level can’t compete.  Tammy gave the example of someone who went to Regional’s, but was beat by someone at just a local show.  She didn’t make significant changes to the Regional and National points.  Champion class, reduced the number of points to be closer to class A show 1st 30 points, Champion 60 pnts to 40 pnts, Regional Champion 60 pnts to 80 points, 48 pnts to 68 pnts and Top 5 36 pnts to 46 pnts.  Linda does the High Points for local 4-H and theirs is local 5,4,3,2,1 and district is double points.  Mentioned that High Point members don’t do any work for the club.  Recommend that they do something for the club or attend a meeting to get additional points.  Marcia doesn’t like that no one know what the points are till the end.  Since it is a competition she feels we need to know where you are at compared to others.  Debbie suggested doing 2 mid season point postings.  Marcia pointed out the season runs basically 1 Feb – 30 Nov.  There was more discussion on the point system.  Noted youth points different than armature and open.  Recommended Halter, Western performance, add Sport Horse In Hand and Sport Horse Under Saddle.  Motioned to simplify - Sharon accepted motion and Debbie seconded.  Accepted by the board.

Debbie talked about the history of the club and when they split.  Larry and Shirley have info about the club.  Marcia has 3 boxes of “stuff”.  Sherrie wants to have a club Historian.  Asked if Marcia wanted to do it.  Deb will prepare something and get a speaker, suggested Larry, Laraine Hune, or Chuck Siemon.

Suzy – Membership
Currently have  60 full members, 12 3-year members and 3 Life members and 3 youth.  Lost 3 in January who didn’t renew since they are not showing and don’t have the money.  Marcia has several people who would like to join.  Dave Daugherty sent letters to 753 Region14 members of AHA, but not belonging to a local club and gave them names of clubs that they could join.  Sherrie asked how many pointed to OVAHA.  Tammy talked about how some Region that have an active membership drive.

Jim – Parliamentarian
We need a copy of the Roberts Rule.  Would like an electronic/searchable copy for the Parliamentarian/Webmaster and abbreviated coy for each board member and committee chair.  Most opposed this idea due to money.  Tammy motioned for an electronic version.  Mark 2nd and the motion was carried.

Marcia – Recreational Riding Program
She would like to see more join and suggested dropping the one time fee of $10.  Debbie 2nd the motion and it was carried.

Suggested we do a consolidated mailing with High Point, Sizzler Sponsorship, Futurity, and Recreational Riding program.

Marcia – Summer Sizzler
She handed out a report with various costs worked up for putting the show on at several different locations (Findlay, Springfield, and Circle G).  There was much discussion about the Sizzler as to costs and where and when to have it.  Debbie motioned that we try for Springfield outside this year for August 2nd and 3rd, Mary 2nd and the motion was carried (6 for 1 opposed).

Linda suggested each board member get a sponsor or if each member would sponsor a class we would have more than enough money for the show.

Sherrie motioned that a budget and a limit set today.  There was much discussion about this and Sherrie tabled her motion.  Sharon motioned that there be  Sizzler Budget meeting and the numbers presented at the next meeting.  Mary 2nd the motion and it passed (Sherrie opposed).

Motion was set that each board member try to get at least one sponsor for the Sizzler.  Linda 2nd the motion passed.

By-Laws & Mission statement
Give to Laura.

Krista Bowman – Strawberry Festival
She suggested it as a fund raiser for the club, by having a booth in the club’s name and selling Hickory River BBQ.  Application is due in March.  Tammy motioned we do it as a fund raiser with Hickory River.  Linda 2nd motioned carried/passed.  Money for application etc, will be handled by Hickory River and then taken out of the sales.

Tammy - Reminder that the Region 14 Awards Banquet nomination due Feb 5th.  Nominated:  Amateur – Caty Zech, Youth – Jessica L?, Volunteer – Marcia Doncaster, Sport Horse – Debbie Glasner, Dressage – Patti Harper, Trainer – Martha Murdock, Endurance – Mollie Cromwell, Groom- Sam Glasner.  These nominations were accepted.

Other New Business
Marcia sent the new logo to all new board members.  Reminded that it needs to go on all new membership cards, applications, etc.  Suzy has cleaned it up a bit and will re-send.

Joe and Joanie are to be the social committee.  Sept 13th and 14th there is Indiana Midwest Trail  ride. (Marcia had different dates as of Jan 29th).

Debbie pointed out since we are moving the Sizzler we need to have stuff at the Tack Sales, Equine Affaire, and Region 14 Awards meeting.

3:15 Meeting adjourned.

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