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Recreational Riding Program

OVAHA's Recreational Club Trail Riding is organized for participants to share their knowledge and give assistance regarding the breed, necessary exercise and improve training and riding skills for the horse and rider. OVAHA prides itself in these organized rides, which provides a local community event at local parks and recreation. In addition, this program provides recognition for OVAHA members who dedicate their time to the Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian breeds doing what they do best, spending time with their horses.

OVAHA's riding events give opportunities for ride time and supports participation with the Arabian Horse Association’s National Rider Recognition Program. This is not a show ring or competition program and there is NO CHARGE TO ENROLL. It is provided to reward OVAHA members for those everyday rides and workouts we take on our show horses or backyard companions.

Here's how it works: You keep a log of hours spent riding or driving your horse. At the 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 750, and 1000 hour levels you receive special OVAHA Recreational Riding program awards.

There is also a National Rider Recognition Program provided by AHA. Information is available here.

Contact Sharon Hanks for information about the Recreational Riding Program 937-681-3122

A one-time enrollment application must be submitted for each horse/rider/driver combination before logging hours. Upon receipt of the enrollment application, you will be sent log sheets.
2) A current OVAHA membership (full or associate) must be maintained to log hours. Hours can only be logged while your membership is current.
Ownership or lease (proof of lease required) of the horse within the member's family is required. It must be a registered Arabian, Half-Arabian or Anglo-Arabian. Copy of registration papers must accompany each entry.
Hours must be submitted on an OVAHA log sheet when you reach each award level. This program is on the honor system as you record hours riding or driving.
There is no enrollment deadline or time limit. Awards will be presented at the annual OVAHA Awards Banquet.
Activities that count for this program include, but are not limited to: trail riding, riding lessons, pleasure riding in your backyard or arena, parades, search and rescue teams, out riding at events, carriage driving events, etc.
Activities that do not count for this program: ride time at a recognized show, competitive trail, endurance, dressage, horse trials or driving competitions recognized by AHA, USEF, CEF, AERC, NATRC, USDR, or 4-H, state or local fairs, etc.

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