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OVAHA Board Meeting Minutes
Saturday April 04, 2009
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Time and Place
Meeting opened at 1930 hrs, at the China Buffet on Miller Ln.  Sherri took attendance.

Buckeye All Breed Show Horse Assoc, which is similar to Central State, will be having a show at Clark County Fairgrounds in August (on our old Sizzler dates). They will be having arab/half-arab classes combined. They would like to "share" hi-points".  Linda Laufer motioned to accept that we will do that and they can use our logo, and Marcia seconded. The motion passed.

Louise handed out a treasure's report. We got the $500 from Reg 13, and $100 from Reg 14 for the Rec Riding program.  Marcia will use that for the end of year prizes. Preble tack sale next year will the last weekend in Feb (its usual date).

Suzy said we have 60 1-yr, 11 3-yr, 4 life and 4 youth. 

Sherri talked about the Reg 14 meeting, and the Equine Journal (the sales woman is a member of our club).

Jim said the web has been quiet lately. Regarding the "For Sale" section, he has had a couple of items sold - one sold right away the other has been listed since last year. Other items are still there.

Rec Riding
Marcia talked about the Reg 14 trail/fun ride, and reminded everyone if they want to go as group she would like to have stuff to her by 1 May. She encouraged us to sign up for Rec Riding.

Summer Sizzler (SS)
All contracts are back except the Sport Horse judge. She had hoped Mary Loden had been in attendance to give us an update on sponsorship. Debbie Swaggart sent in sponsorship money, but couldn't sponsor hi-point this year. Will mail flyers out toward the end of the month. Marcia mentioned on web site going to '09 vs '08 - Jim will check.

Sherri asked if we wanted to go over our by-laws. Marcia asked about what, Sherri gave the example of emergency e-voting. Louise and Marcia still want discussion. Sherri suggested put together a committee to evaluate the by-laws. Jim mentioned we might need a lawyer, due to state requirements and being a non-profit, and for such things as putting together business reports and having an audit at the end of year. Would also like to reconsider term limits - Jim felt we should keep them.

Strawberry Festival
Krista has put in her budget for hired help. Barb Walfong can do black aprons for us, and workers will wear with a yellow T-shirt. Marcia motioned allowing for it to buy 10 aprons at a cost NGT $75 Linda L. seconded, the motion passed.

Drinks for the Sport Horse Clinic - Linda motioned the club to provide, Sharon seconded, motion passed.  Linda will buy the drinks.

Unfinished Business
Tammy has the May meeting - no agenda yet. Louis has the July meeting.

Other Business
Talked about delegates and the money to send. Reg 14 paid for the registration fees. Item not settled.

Meeting adjourned at 2030hrs

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