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OVAHA Board Meeting Minutes
Wednesday July 08, 2009 @ 7:25 pm 
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Time and Place
7:25 Meeting called to order.

Sherri has some e-mails she wants to send to me to include in an e-mail blast.

Linda said she'd work gates.

Louise handed out a treasure's report and we went over it. Sherri offered it be filed for audit.

Sherri made calls, and there are appx 10 horses coming (which is nearly all in the program). The Futurity committee will pay the stall fees. If just doing the Futurity, no costs except the Futurity fee. In past, if they left the show the night of the Futurity they got their stall fees back, else the club kept them. Tammy feels at least five won't do just the Futurity, and they'll show the rest of the weekend. Futurity will agree to buy stall, but the provision is they show in the Summer Sizzler (SS) either Sat or Sun, or both. We will split the cost of the stall to the club, between Futurity and club general funds. Sherri will do gifts instead of ribbons. Sharon motioned that the club will pay half and the Futurity will pay half of stall cost. So for the Futurity exhibitor it is free or $45. Mary seconded - the motion passed. Tammy will get a judge for the Futurity.

No report.

Jim had no report.

Rec Riding
Marcia said there about 65 people/horses signed up for the Reg 14 ride. All the cabins are full. They are expecting to do a night ride to the "ghost town".  She said there are lots of activities, and suggested we sign up soon.

Summer Sizzler (SS)
All contracts are done. Shane Denny needs a room. Mary has it booked. All rooms for judges, etc are under each person's name. Mary had a list of sponsors. Donna can collect sponsor fees at the show if anyone wants to sponsor a class, and she can collect the Futurity fee. We are having an Exhibitor Party/General membership party Sat night after the Sport Horse In Hand classes. Tentatively set to start at 7:00, but actually time to be determined, when classes are done. Marcia thinks we'll have appx 100 people, and it will be subs etc, provided by the food court. At the dinner break the Zecks' will have a Legion Party with cake. Krista volunteered to be ring master on Sun. Terry Lambert will Sat, unless his daughter goes in for delivery of his grandchild. Suzy said Rick will help with gates on Sat and Sun.

There was discussion about the adult walk/trot class, and about the youth that are too old for the younger walk/trot class.  Marcia will check to see if they can be included in the adult class. Marcia bought items for kids classes, but she may still need gift bags.  Tammy got the stick horse items.

Strawberry Festival
Krista presented us with a check of $4,311.00 for our portion of the Strawberry Festival. We were all pleasantly surprised.  We agreed to stick to our motion of last year and give 25% to the Arabian Horse Re-Homing. We will discuss what to do with the funds at a future meeting, as we think we might like to have a little more flexibility as to where the funds go, etc.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm

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