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OVAHA Board Meeting Minutes
Wednesday September 09, 2009 @ 7:30 pm 
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Time and Place
7:30 Meeting called to order.


VP is in charge of Nominations. Mary will put something together.

Delegates for Convention
Sherri read over the by-laws regarding delegates/convention. Delegate needs to go to Regional meetings also. Convention will be in Reno, need to submit our delegates, currently Tammy and Sheri will go. Sherri asked if anyone else went to the Regional meeting. Martha Murdock gave the Summer Sizzler (SS) high praise. The Equine Journal has been selected as the Regional publication, and they are going to pay for it (will use the money they would have used for the Regional Directory).  Delivery will start in January with one per household.  Get one classified and one photo ad for free per household.

Bill Rogers, trainer at Freedom Farm, may do a clinic for us in Sept.

Voting Electronically
Sherri will put together something for e-voting. Discussion was we felt we needed it, but not for items we need to debate.

Treasurer's Report
Louise went of the Treasury report and hand copies out.

66 1-year, 4 life, 2 youth, 14 3-year, have 86 members plus associates. Sherri thought there were three new associate members from the SS.

Rec Riding
The Region 14 trail ride is double hours for members. She thinks there were close to 100 horses at the Reg 14 ride. There are 15 purebred combos and 9 half-Arab combos. She feels really good about where it is going. Would like to get $100 from  our general fund to match the $100 from Region 14. Mary second the motion - motion was passed. Rec riding is an area that can really grow. Kristin said it is the fastest growing area. Matt suggested a hyper-link on our web page to AHA's Rec Riding page. That will be a Jim thing.

Hi-Point Program
Suggested possibly re-structuring it. You can get points from AHA, but the way our forms read must signed hi-point in open shows.

Summer Sizzler (SS)
Still waiting for Donna to finish detail report of show. She sent the total entries and payback, but didn't split between the two shows. Twenty-five percent of the Sunday's profit goes to IN (Reg 13). Our appx profit will be about $4k, usually is about $2k - $3k. Didn't get as many sponsorships, and USEF $1,000 grants we don't get anymore.  Also, our expenses were a bit higher because we paid for three judges this year.

We are locked in for the dates of 17-18 July 2010, as USEF has approved them. Mary has contract for the Champions Center. Region 13 has agreed to partner with us again. This year they only sent $500, that got that back, plus 255 of profit. 

Matt would like the liability to be released from the managers and make it a club liability. Krista want to make the motion that Matt and Mary can sign contracts for SS and act on the club's behalf. Marcia and Mary both seconded - motion passed.

Matt wanted to request a budget of $20k, but several said "no" felt $15k was sufficient. Based on expenses of: Facility $7,800, three judges $1,500, ribbons $1,000, paybacks, farrier $200, and show secretary $1,200 and a guarantee of 76 stalls. Krista mad the motion of $18,000 for the SS budget, Marcia seconded - motion passed.

Matt had copy of steward reports. Asked for two $100 checks for AHA.

No other old business.

Brought up changing the logo. T-shirt committee will decide what to put on shirts.

Marcia moved to remove Michael as a board member appoint someone who will/can attend the meetings. Sherri said she would e-mail Michael about being on the board.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm

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