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OVAHA Board Meeting Minutes
Sunday January 10, 2010 @ 1:40 pm
Hickory River BBQ
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Time and Place

1:40 meeting called to order at Hickory River BBQ

Minutes from previous meeting read. Kristin motioned, Tammy 2nd to accept minutes as read – motion passed.

Louise handed out report and went over. Admin income was from the vest sale. Louise also hand the final report. She noted that in 2001 we had less than $5,000 and when the Summer Sizzler (SS) changed to a 2-day show it jumped to $8000 and has remained about the same since. Sherri asked for an advice to pass onto to us and Denise. Louise pointed out that things are getting more expensive. Day of SS the acct can be negative. Checks to USEF and AHA have a lag of about 10 days before they clear. We’ve only had 2 bounced checks. Typically we charge $50 fee for bounced checks to cover the cost of the banks fees to us. Reports to be fixed for audit. Louise says someone has the raffle tickets. 

Sherri wanted to talk about the outgoing members. Amanda was quite, Michael had a passion for breeding, and Louise had stability and tenure, and persuasiveness.

Kristin made motion to send Terry a vest as a “Thank you” for hosting the Christmas party, as most felt he had gone above and beyond, Krista 2nd – motioned passed. Gray was chosen as the color for the vest.

Krista had pictures from the Christmas party

General Meetings
Joe wants a saddle fitting clinic, will shoot for April 24/25. Someone suggested it would be great if we could get Scott Benjamin to talk to us about breeding and confirmation, and perhaps do it as a clinic with another club to help cover costs. Sharon suggested Keeneland Spring Meet in April. Sherri was convinced to host something at her place in Sept (12th). Will try for Molly Krumwell since she lives down that way, topic will be rec/trail riding. After discussion decided to do the saddle fit in combination with a Derby party in May.

Preble Tack Sale
Linda has volunteered to chair. Sharon will send an e-mail out requesting donations at the Jan 24th Reg 14 meeting and include Linda’s info for drop-offs. Motion made to pay the $50 for the tack sale, Sharon 2nd – motion passed. Asked for volunteers for the Lebanon tack sale, none at the meeting will send out an e-mail.

Equine Journal
Club Newsletters are due the 15th of each month, two months prior to printing (ie Jan 15th will be for March edition). Need updates each time. Sherri will check on our ad allotment, as the Region gets a set amount.

Larry’s Foundation
Larry give a talk.

Sharon motioned 25% of profit from Strawberry Festival go to various charity projects to be determined at later dates (this is to counter the previous motion of just giving to the Arab rescue). Michelle 2nd – motion passed.

Meeting adjourned

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