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OVAHA Board Meeting Minutes
Sunday February 21, 2010 @ 6:00 pm
Denise Mealy’s house, 5445 St Rt 202
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Time and Place

6:00p.m. at Denise Mealy’s house, 5445 St Rt 202

Minutes read from previous meeting. Marcia motioned to accept as read, Linda 2nd – motion passed.

Rec Riding
Marcia talked about the Reg 14 Rec Ride and that there are 2 & 3 nights packages, and went over prices. Sharon will send out an e-mail about it. Will do more trail rides this year, and will try to do a “local” over-nighter.

Denise mentioned getting Louise a gift. Kristin made the motion, Linda 2nd, motion passed. Started with balancing the checkbook, and there is $119.53 more than planned, there are several outstanding checks. The insurance addresses have been changed and $636 is due to Markel for coverage Mar 2009-Mar 2010. Questioned the dates of coverage so Denise will check. Sherri wants to check dates/events that are covered. Krista mentioned insurance through the Strawberry Festival for $75. Krista will check what it covers and she will confirm the dates. Kristin motioned to accept the Treasure’s report, Linda 2nd – motioned passed.

Preble Tack Sale
Linda mentioned she had ordered the AHA banners for the sale. It was $15 for processing fee and for the printing of the brochures they send, plus the cost of shipping back within 2-business days after the event. Linda will send her work schedule and Sharon will send an e-mail blast for volunteers.

OVAHA Banner
Denise will get a 4’x4’ blue on white background banner for $75 or less. Sharon motioned, Denise 2nd – motioned passed.

Summer Sizzler (SS)
Sherri volunteered to hold the next meeting at her house on 14 March.

New Business
Talked about changing date of Keeneland, but then didn’t. Tammy to e-mail with details of Derby Day/Saddle Fit meeting/get together.

Comments from the Christmas Party
We had handed out comment/suggestion slips at the Christmas Party. They were passed around and we read over them aloud and talked about ideas: Start a membership committee; make meeting times and dates more available; spotlight members; bring the Community Show back; and name tags. 

Kristin motioned to drop our Associate fee to $15, Linda 2nd – motion passed. We need to mention it on our web page.

Matt suggested Sherri appoint a membership committee.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm

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