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OVAHA Board Meeting Minutes
Saturday March 20, 2010 @ 11:45 a.m.
Kings Island Conference Center
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Time and Place

11:45 a.m. at the Kings Island Conference Center

Minutes were read from the previous meeting (2-21-10). Linda motioned to accept as read, Kristin 2nd – motioned passed.

Denise went over the balances in the checking and savings accounts. There was $1,051.80 deposited from the tack sale, and checks need to be mailed out to members who participated. The banner expenses need to be taken off. The insurance has been paid. She filled out the form the Summer Sizzler (SS) for three days. Trail rides are an additional expense if covered as a club activity. This raises questions of guides, all wearing safety equipment, stallions not allowed, and are guest allowed. Will have to explore further on how to proceed with that portion. Talked about making the rides “social events” so we don’t have to make them a club covered event. Becky mentioned this is how they handle it in her Saddle Horse Club.  Denise will check on prices though. She also has talked to a local insurance agent, Phil Cox, (whom she does not have insurance with), about coming to talk to us about risk management on the farm and as individuals. He did mention that our Markel insurance is good and recommends keeping it. Sharon motioned to accept report as submitted, Tammy 2nd – motioned passed.

Tack Sale
Linda mentioned that the heater in the barn we had been in was not working. The sale had great participation/attendance.  We sold at least 3 saddles and did real well.

Will check into our club’s banner for the saddle fit meeting. Want to send an e-mail requesting club photos for our website and perhaps do a “best club photo” contest. Suggested getting a banner with some of the photos on it, and giving a $10 gift card to the winner. Need to be sure that when photos are submitted they describe what the picture is. Any kids photos will need parents’ permission to post or use.

Joe talked about the Saddle Fitting. The lady he had planned to use no longer does it. He is checking on alternative sources. We need to select a location. 

Sherri sent Jim to update info of members and new board member.  We need to get our bio info to him

Summer Sizzler
Showbill is complete. There were quite a few changes per AHA. Will send to AHA and USEF, who will do a preview before official submission for us. The judges are all locked down. Matt has confirmed the exhibitor’s party with the concession people at the Champions Center Still trying to determine the number of show booklets to print. The Indiana club has agreed to do the Kentucky Incentive classes on Sunday. We’ve agreed to do a platform for center ring, and Larry will decorate. Last thing is we need volunteers. Gordan Lewis has agreed to be ring master for both morning sessions, so now need to find someone for the afternoons. Sharon asked about a photographer. Kristin may have a guy from her work who will do it for free as a hobby, but he has not committed to the dates yet. Matt has been in touch with Marcia about someone. Joe has contact Beau Townsend about bringing trucks out. Will check to se if they have to pay the vendor fee if they are just a sponsor, and will check on liability.

One re-newal of an associate, have appx 90 members.

Sherri paid for her trip.

Meeting adjourned at 12:45 pm

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