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OVAHA Board Meeting Minutes
Wednesday August 11, 2010 @ 7:15 pm
Marions Pizza
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Time and Place:

Meeting called to order at Marions Pizza, at 7:15 p.m.

Meeting Minutes from last meeting were read.  Kristin motioned to accept as read, Tammy seconded, motion passed.

Rec Riding
Marcia said she’d like to get a trail ride this Sat at 10:00 at Carriage Hill.  Kristin went last week and said the trails were nice.

Summer Sizzler (SS)
Matt handed out a spreadsheet with costs and income so far, and other info. We had an issue with the Sport Horse judge, insisting she had been made to work too many hours. Our steward (Evette) disagreed and wrote up a report for USEF.  Marcia pointed out that the Show Manager can also submit a judge’s evaluation. Breakout for stalls and entries were a bit hard to calculate accurately. We got good remarks from Terri Dellbridge on the number of volunteers we had. Matt said he was going to ask Bill Castor for a sponsorship.

Matt mentioned giving Sam Glasener money to help compensate her for all the baking she did. Since Linda only used $108.82 out of her $200 stick horse budget, we would use that money for Sam. Sharon motioned to accept, Pam seconded, motioned passed.

The Champion Center has the dates of 16 & 17 July for us next year. Sharon motioned to accept dates, Linda seconded, motioned passed.

Strawberry Festival
Krista said she can’t commit to it for next year as they have their house and restaurant up for sale. We will have to know what we are doing by Feb for the Strawberry Festival committee. This year we made $3835.00.

Ideas For Other Money Makers
Jim suggested a Community Show

The insurance company sent us a premium invoice for $33. Denise will call to see what it is about.

Other Business
We talked about our philanthropy work and how we had designated the money from the Strawberry Festival to go to the Arab rescue. Sharon motioned that 25% of the Strawberry proceeds go to various philanthropy projects throughout the year, as we determined, commencing this year, with all proceeds to be dispersed or accounted for by the end of each calendar year.  Pam seconded, motion passed.

Kristin motioned that $500 of that money should go to the Arab rescue/re-homing this year. Krista second, motioned passed.

Treasure Report
Marcia asked about the report as the checking balance was different on two reports. Denise explained that it was due to outstanding checks. Marcia asked about the difference in the vests, it was because the club purchased one for Terry Tatman as a thank you.

Aug 16th is deadline for Club Excellence Award. Categories? Mentioned maybe having Larry Kinnear write something up for us.

Equine Journal
Would like to have some things from the show in there. Final show results and pictures. Aug 15th is deadline. Matt will send straight to Karen.

Talked about, there are Regional meetings; it runs Wed through Sun and there a meetings all day. We voted on delegates:  Tammy, Mary, Sherri, Krista (alt) and Marcia (alt). Sherri (5 votes) and Tammy (9 votes) are the primary delegates, Mary (4 votes) is first alternate, Krista is second alternate and Marcia is the third alternate. We talked about reimbursement amounts and costs. Marcia motioned that we give each delegate $750 to cover expenses and $250 to one alternate. Sharon second motion – motioned passed.

Kristin will be deployed from 20 Sept to 15 Apr and would like Matt to fill in for her on the board. Sherri agreed.

Linda told us that Preble County is thinking of doing a tack sale in the fall, probably Nov. 

Jim needs several things from us. Who is elected for 1 yr and 2 yr terms? Pam, Kristin, and Michelle are through 2011, and Linda has Michael’s old position so she is through 2010. He still needs bio’s for the officer and board members. Jim would also like pictures to add to the website, prefers .jpeg format. Logo needs to be downsized and needs to be darker.

General meeting to be 12 Sept at Sherri’s. Meetings need to be timelier. Linda motioned meetings should be held every 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:00, with place to be determined at later dates. Marcia second, motion passed.

Next meeting. Need to do something with the money, put it in the treasury.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm

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