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OVAHA Board Meeting Minutes
Thursday May 7, 2011
Stowe Arabians in Springfield, OH
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Time and Place:

Appx 3:30 at Stowe Arabians/Loden Reining after Digestive Clinic (was originally planned for 12:30 prior to clinic, but due to Sherri and Tammy being unable to arrive until later couldn't have it. Decided to do a quick one after the clinic since most were still present)

Sherri went over the Treasure Reports that Denise had done up.

Strawberry Festival
Need volunteers - Sharon will send and e-mail. Next year the festival will eliminate 50+ booths - due partly to having to move off of the levy during bridge repairs. This year they did not mail the applications, but they will still let us in. Now the applications have to be picked up (which Krista did). Since we do good and pay our share is part of the reason they let us in. They are trying to weed out those booths that claim excessive costs, so they don't have to give the Festival their share (10%) of the profits.

We have to get our Federal Tax ID, in order to get our Health Certificate for the Festival.

Krista contacted 5 River Metro Parks and we can donate for just trail maintenance. We need to think about what charities we want to give to - have ideas for next board meeting. Suggested 4-H Clubs/clinics if Arab owners put on demos to get kids interested in Arabs. Tammy said Larry has mentioned 300 head of horses (Arabs?) needing rescued. Will try to get more info. Bill Rodgers had mentioned to Sherri about an Akron reserve. We'll vote at next meeting. Krista said that Brenda of the Arabian Re-Homing program will be dissolving the charity and want to give us some of our money back, with the preference it be used for another Arab rescue

Tax Id
Paperwork needs to be finished - Sherri will complete and mail in.

Spent $136.78 for food for the clinic. Enough for 100 people as we were not sure how many would attend.

Jim mentioned we could get a free banner from Vistaprint.com. Krista is working on the banner/poster for the Champions Center.

No other business - meeting adjourned at 3:45.

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