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OVAHA Board Meeting Minutes
Thursday July 7, 2011
Hickory River BBQ, Tipp City
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Time and Place

7:00  Hickory River BBQ, Tipp City

Minutes from previous meeting were discussed and there needed to be one change prior to publishing, basically the dollar amount to be paid out was corrected to read $125. Tammy motioned to accept the corrected minutes and Linda Laufer 2nd - motion passed to accept minutes with the change.

Strawberry Festival - Philanthropy
Presentation to Metro Parks not yet ready.  Awaiting contact from Metro Parks person, who is currently off.

Oasis - I will get a $200 TSC card for Oasis and get card for all to sign at Sizzler.

Nothing to report

Summer Sizzler
Reminder of Region 14 meeting on July 31st, which will be the location of 2013 Convention (Lexington Ky). 2011 Convention is 16-19 Nov, Vancouver, Canada.  Room rates are running about $150 CD.  If want to go need passport.  Need to vote on who wants to go and need to know by August 1st - let Sherri know. 

Linda motioned to adjourn, Kristan 2nd - meeting adjourned at 8:30.

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