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OVAHA Board Meeting Minutes
Thursday September 15, 2011
Donato's, Lebanon, OH
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Time and Place

Donato's, Lebanon, OH 7:45pm

Minutes Read from Previous Meetings
Linda motioned to accept as read, Kristan second - motion passed to accept both minutes.

Regarding Money for Oasis Farm
Try to contact again and see if we get a response. Linda motioned to give them $200, Kristan second, motion passed. I will do.

Sherri mentioned the ad in Region 14 calendar is $100. Mentioned to Denise regarding e-mail. Decsion was re-affirmed.

Sherri Talked About a Fun Event
Perhaps “Jersery Boys” at Victoria Theater in Feb. Linda mentioned La Comedia. Will try to do something in Jan-Feb timeframe. Will try to come up with various ideas.

Clinics Were Mentioned
I mentioned equine thermal imaging.  Trv-lyn will volunteer her barn.  I’ll check availability of company, costs, etc.

Treasurer’s Report
Denise said we got a “thank you” from Right Lead, and read it to us. Received bill from the CPA is for $75 for helping with our non-profit application. We have paid out all of 2010 philanthropy. Currently have $27,251 in our accounts (treasure reports atch’d). Have not written any checks for our 2011 donations (25% of $4686, appx $1171, is available). Denise talked about the Human Society of North Texas (HSNT) and their equine program the problems they are having getting feed/hay due to the drought and the increase in number of horses they are getting.

We need to come up with a budget.  Need admin expenses, breakout show money etc.

Strawberry Festival
Yes they will work with us again, if we do Five Rivers Metro Park/Carriage Hill again, like we did this year.

There was discussion about where the banner is. Linda motioned to buy a new banner. Kristan second motioned passed. 

Kristan motioned giving $500 to HSNT. Linda seconded. Sharon amended motion to give $750, based on the stipulation that the money would stay for equine use in the HSNT and NOT go to the national HQ of the HS.  Motion passed as amended.

Sharon motioned to give $250 to Midwest Arabian Rescue. Kristan seconded - motion passed.

Denise motioned to give remain philanthropy funds (appx $200) to Mary Haven’s River of Hope program. Krista seconded – motion passed.

Denise motioned that if we make a profit (at Strawberry Festival) up to $1000 of philanthropy funds from Strawberry Festival to go Metro Parks. Linda second – motion passed.

Tossed around other money making projects. 

Krista mentioned getting insurance for airline tickets for convention in case some can’t go, the club would get the money back and it wouldn’t come out of the person’s personal pocket.

Preble Tack sale
Last Sun in Feb.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30.

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