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OVAHA Board Meeting Minutes
Thursday February 10, 2011 @ 7:00 pm
Mi Jalapeno's in Springfield, OH
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Time and Place:

7:00 pm at Mi Jalapeno's in Springfield, OH

Read the minutes from the previous meeting.  Linda motioned to accept as read, Becky 2nd, motion passed, minutes accepted.

Denise ill, so no report.  Linda has paid for the Preble County tack booth.  Will e-mail Denise to be reimbursed.  Nothing on the tax return yet.

Date for Clinic
Sat, May 7th, at 5966 Old Clifton Rd, Springfield, OH 45502.  Mary has offered to host at her barn.  We will try to be done in time for the Derby.  The clinic will be by Bill Rodgers, of Freedom Farms, on the Succeed feed supplement.

Talked about the Club Excellence.  Tammy and Sheri will work with the Girl Scouts.  Asked Beck y about doing membership.  Sharon told her she would help her.  try to get a membership application/brochure done for Equine Affaire.

Strawberry Festival
The application has not yet been submitted.  New owner is willing to work with us on this.  Krista will continue as our liaison with the festival committee and the restaurant.  Will try to do a large check of the funds presented with a picture at the festival.  Frank (of Reg 14) can do an e-mail blast for us.

Summer Sizzler (SS)
Ted Carson has said yea.  Joe Polo still hasn't committed.  Matt is open to suggestions for a Sport Horse Judge, asked Mary to check for some names.  Will check with Candy Lazarrus about being Steward.  We need to start working sponsors.  Matt will talk to Jeanne about donating for the flyers.  Denise can probably do the mailing for us cheaper.  Budget for ribbons appx $800.  Will have a SS meeting in March, DTBD.

Jim still needs info for bios and pictures.  Sharon will do an e-mail for pics from general members.

Will change it to a jackpot.  None of the horses from the stallion auction have been registered with the Futurity or the club.  We will contact those who did the breeding’s to give them a heads up.  Linda motioned to contact the stallion breeding participants to see what their interests were.  Krista 2nd.  But there was more discussion, and the motion was amended to be contact the Heartland Futurity Stallion Auction breeding participants, offer them $50 entry fee into the 2011 SS Halter Jackpot class.  Then the Heartland Futurity will be dissolved at the end of the 2011 SS.  Pam 2nd to accept.  Motion passed as amended.

Other Business
Krista brought the idea of sale exhibit show class on Friday, with a booklet etc.  There was various discussions about this.  One option may be to do blue dots on the horse numbers during the show, and charge $5 for them.  OVAHA members would not have to pay the $5.  Or perhaps a showcase of sale horses, and stallions.  Could be a spot on the website that they could fill out and then print.  This idea will be discussed further.

Matt motioned that the club give $800 towards the jackpot class.  Pam 2nd, motion passed.

Club decided to send Marcia flowers.  Sharon will take care of.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm

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