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OVAHA Board Meeting Minutes
Thursday March 13, 2011 @ 7:50 pm
Acapulco Restaurant in Lebanon
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Time and Place:

7:50pm, Acapulco Restaurant in Lebanon

Sharon read minutes from previous meeting.  Linda motioned to accept as read, Krista 2nd - motion passed.

1024 application for non-profit status - Sherri needs to sign.  Need to update the by-laws with education and clinics being emphasized over the social aspect of the club.  Membership needs to vote on changes to the by-laws, with notice.  Need to check on.  Today we're changing our non-profit status from social to educational to a 501c4 hopefully.  The application filing should be done soon and we should have our by-laws fixed and our website updated in order to do the application.  We had much discussion about our status.  Our other federal tax number/application was so old it couldn't be found in the system.  Denise's accountant has recommended that we simply become a "new" non-profit, since we did not file an tax returns in the last 2 years, which we should have due to the amount of money we made.  We had discussion about the "Rules of Roberts".  Sharon feels they are a hindrance, since it states we should have a majority of members present to vote on certain things -which is not likely to ever happen.  Hence....

Denise motioned move order of bullets under Article II so the educational bullet is first - Matt 2nd.  President was not for the motion, but the motion passed.

Sherri formed a by-laws committee, consisting of Sherri, Denise, Jim, Sharon and hopefully Laura Woodruff to go over revisions to the by-laws.  Notification will be sent to membership for voting on by 27 March.  Committee will meet at the Reg 14 Awards Banquet on 19 March.

Denise needs to fill out insurance application.  Two of our three events are taken (SS and the May Clinic).  The cost is $669 and it must be in the mail by March 19th.

Linda turned in the money tin from the tack sale.  Denise will report on how much made and dispersed next time.

Other Business
Tammy still has the old banner if we ever need it. She also has an OVAHA silver urn for Club Excellence.

Forms are on the website.  Jim mentioned forms need to be updated.  Tammy is not aware of receiving any, but will check the forms.

Summer Sizzler (SS)
Have all our judges except Sport Horse.  We have national level judges, and our judge costs are less than last year.  Candy Lazarrus will be Steward.  Matt sent new sponsorship forms to Jim.  Must work on the show schedule at the next SS meeting (27 March at Tammy's).  Matt asked about seed money from the Region 13.  We will still accept it and then return it and their share of the profits after the show.

Strawberry Festival
Nothing to report at this time.

Retail sales person will be there on May 7th, at 1:00.  Asked Bill Rodgers press person, they will send a press release which we will send out and Reg 14 will also send out.  Make it Derby theme, with a "Best Hat" contest.  Sharon motioned club will supply drinks and snacks - Sherri 2nd, motion passed.

Sherri talked to Frank (Reg 14 Director) about dropping the Heartland Futurity - he had no problems with it.

Equine Journal was mentioned, but nothing decided.

Regarding the e-mail we received about another club's show and advertising on our website.  Members can advertise for free.  We decided Sharon would contact them and let them know we would post their show if they are willing to reciprocate and post our SS.  Decided we would do other clubs and clinics for free, for individuals it would be $25, which we would put towards the cost of an associate membership, and then it would be "free" for them.  Ads typically run for 6mos- 1 yr, but Jim has let them run longer on occasion.

Club Excellence
Tammy and Sherri will do the Girl Scouts.  Membership part, Becky not present and I (Sharon) didn't have anything.  Will get with Becky.

Denise brought up that instead of scrambling to find stuff for a tack sale that during the year we set stuff we no longer want or use aside (perhaps in a tub or something).  Suggested having a tack swap at the May 7th clinic.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm

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